Cupping GothenburgCupping Gothenburg

Cupping is an ancient traditional medicine which has again become topical. Using cups a vacuum is created that affects the connective tissue in muscles and dermis. Blood circulation increases and contributes to the elimination of waste products in the fascia.

Cupping brings increased well-being and is used in muscle tension, inflammation and to increase circulation. Treatment with cups is also effective against cellulite. The muscles are warmed up and relaxes the skin and get more life and luster.

If fascia is developed in the muscles this will result in you experiencing stiffness in the musculoskeletal system, treatment with Cups is an effective way to reduce the resulting fascia in the muscles.

Below are some questions about cupping:

1.  What is cupping?

A method where vacuum lifts the skin and fascia. It has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years, and is currently available in all countries.

2. What happens when cupping?

– Cupping similar deep fascial massage, circulation will increase and waste products in the skin are released. Although the nervous system is affected so that the tension is reduced

3. For what can you use cupping?

You can treat pain in the back, neck and shoulders. But it also affects the internal state as menstrual cramps, gastritis, constipation, nocturnal leg cramps and circulatory problems.

4. Are there multiple cupping methods?

–  Yes acupuncturists uses cups made of glas at a specific location for a given period. We use cilicon cups and a soothing oil and provides vacuum massage. This method can be powerful or softer depending on the patient's skin quality and disease history.

5. Do you always bruises?

No bruises are nothing we strive for. You will not be healthier because it gets bruised.

6.  Are there any scientific studies that show that cupping is effective?

– No.

Cupping to reduce cellulite:

Cupping improves circulation, which helps reduce cellulite and give you a softer and smoother skin.
The main cause of cellulite is poor circulation. When circulation in the tissue deteriorates, it leads to waste products accumulate in tissues and eventually may form cellulite. Cup massage is performed by pulling the cup over the skin. It is a very effective way to increase the circulation of blood and lymph in one area whilst enjoying a very pleasant massage well worth a try. With cupping massage can even stretch marks heal and prevent / treat cellulite.  

How do you remove cellulite?
First, review your habits. Poor diet, lack of exercise and a health condition that is not the best, are major causes that the body and thus the skin, not feeling well. Stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and avoid drinks with sugar. Eat plenty of vegetables and protein in the diet, and try to avoid processed ingredients.Treatment with cupping facilitates waste products and toxins to drain out while fat cells in lipolysis and releases the stored energy.

Treatment with cupping enables you to have a better long-term circulation that can provide lasting results.

Elastin and collagen favorably influenced by cupping creating a smoother and tighter skin. You will see and feel that your skin becomes soft and smooth! Treatment should be more frequent in the beginning, if possible every day. Then a couple of treatments a week.