Facial Massage GothenburgFacial Massage Gohenburg

Facial massage is a pleasurable and beneficial massage that releases tension and gives the facial muscles a real lift! The massage is soothing and comfortable relaxing.
With calm, gentle massage techniques both skin, connective tissue and muscles of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders are treated . Blood and lymph circulation gets going and the face is wonderfully relaxed and the cheeks get rosy.
Tension headaches are treated with very good results.

A facial massage helps reduce wrinkles because the blood circulation in the face will be stimulated. At the same time facial massage also ensures that the body begins to build new skin cells. A massage of the face can alleviate headache, dissolve muscle tension and make your face look more alert.

Facial Massage as treatment against headache and tension in the jaws

Many suffer from headache, migraine and tension in the jaws. A simple facial massage can alleviate these symptoms in a quick and efficient manner. The stimulus which massage gives can loosen muscle tension which can get rid of your headache, end clenching your teeth or you stop grinding the teeth at night.

Reduce wrinkles and bags under the eyes

A facial massage can also be used in order to get a beautiful face with a better complexion. A massage can help you relax while your heart rate is lowered, and the blood pressure goes down. When this happens, the body will produce the hormone oxytocin, which increases your wellbeing.

Facial massage gets your muscles to relax and the blood vessels in your face to increase circulation. When the blood vessels is stimulated reducing the risk of, for example, dark circles under the eyes. Facial massage also helps facial skin cells to be stimulated which makes the face tightened up and you will look more relaxed. When massaging the area under your eyes, you can, for example, reduce the bags under the eyes and by massaging the area around your temples, you can help your skin to give elasticity which in turn helps to lift the face.

  • Massage the face to increase circulation
  • Stimulate the facial skin cells to achieve cell regeneration
  • Helps to reduce headaches, migraines and tension in the Jaws