Low Level Lasertherapy Gothenburg

What is lasertherapy?

In lasertherapy a laser light is used on an area to treat a distressing condition.Lasertherapy Gothenburg

Lasertherapy is becoming more common and today we use the laser in combination with massage therapy or individual therapy. The lasertherapy accelerate the cells and the body's self-healing and has a well-documented anti-inflammatory effect. Biological effect of a laser is based on that laser light causes healing reactions in the cells. The lasertherapy increases ATP production in the mitochondria and thus the amount of energy in the cell, which speeds up the cells and thus the body's self-healing. The effects of Lasertherapy are well researched, and the scientific literature is very extensive.

Lasertherapy is a very common form of treatment worldwide and there are no side effects.

Common problems to treat with lasertherapy

  • Pain
  • inflammations
  • repetitive strain injuries (epicondylitis)
  • muscle problemsmuscle pain (myofascial pain)
  • swelling
  • injury and attritionsport injuries (distortions)
  • rheumatic problems and arthritis (pain relief)
  • chronic diseases of the joints (arthritis) (pain relief)
  • pollen allergics
  • skin diseases; chronic wounds, afte, acne, herpes

It is an indication to treat with laser if there is an inflammation or pain. Treatment of the above problems often gives good results.

The musculoskeletal system  is often treated successfully with lasertherapy. Furthermore, there is no documented side effects of use of the lasertherapy. However, there are some states where one should refrain from treating: Pregnancy - not over the stomach, Epileptics - not over the head, heart disease - not the chest, organ transplant and cancer.

Number of treatments to achieve good results

How many treatments needed varies depending on what is being treated. Normally it is needed around five times to get long-lasting effect. It is good to treat more frequently in the beginning. Degree of improvement and the outcome depends on what is being treated.

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