Massage Therapeutic treatment GothenburgMassagetherapeutic treatment Gothenburg

Massage Therapeutic treatment is a form of deep massage based on the Swedish massage, but includes a variety of other techniques. It is primarily the purpose of the Therapeutic Massage therapy (sometimes called sports massage) that differ from the classic Swedish massage.

For an athlete is usually the purpose of the massage to allow for a faster recovery, prevention and treatment of injury, to soften and lengthen the tissue, or to prevent scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles and connective tissue. The primary is not relaxation that often is the purpose of classic massage.

Therapeutic Massage therapy is therefore usually experienced little tougher and deeper than classic massage. A trained massage therapist has a deeper education where knowledge gathered from physical therapy, massage, sports medicine, orthopedic medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic, sports and physical training, rehabilitation, joint mobilisation, and tapeing and more.


The treatment includes a careful examination and diagnosis. Then I create a plan of what needs to do, then I will perform a treatment that includes deep massage techniques, strains, strain and counter strain, revolving, ear acupuncture and tapeing if it is necessary for faster results. After the treatment, I even recommend home exercises to solve the long-term health problems.

Furthermore, I can even use Kinesiotapeing to increase the effectiveness of treatment or to accelerate the rehabilitation of the affected muscles.

You can also treat other types of disorders with therapeutic massage therapy, such as back pain, stiff neck, muscle tension headaches, etc. so it is not just athletes who can use this form of treatment

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