Swedish Classic Massage Gothenburg

Swedish classic massage is well known over large parts of the world. It is also called "Swedish massage" or "classic massage". It was the Swedish gymnastics teacher and poet Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who developed this form Swedish classic massage Gothenburgof massage as a system for massage and muscle.

Ling wanted to construct a massage technique that mimicked the movements performed in the Swedish gymnastics and other forms of training. The techniques he developed uses pressure and stretch of the muscles, connective tissue and skin so that blood circulation in the muscles stimulated and the muscles become stronger and more flexible, and to create a better balance between muscles and bones.

The massage is reported to have an effect on both the physical and emotional factors, such as increased lymph flow and increased blood circulation (pain and fatigue are often due to a local anemia that is offset by the massage) and adhesions and nodules in the muscles countered. While hormone secretion is affected.

Massage is used for example in the muscle tension, soreness, swelling caused by eg poor lymph circulation, fibroids and generally relaxing and softening treatment.

Most massage therapists in Sweden are trained in classical Swedish massage, but most will find their own style so the treatments you get can differ widely even when they have gone in the same massage school.

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