Tactile treatment Gothenburg

Tactile touch Gothenburgis a healthy and very soft body treatment given with slow conscious movement on the front and back of the body in a certain structure. It also uses different kinds of pressure and the hands can be kept still. As a recipient, you are wrapped in towels and blankets, and only the parts to be affected are exposed. All this creates a sense of quietness, rest and security. Treatment is given with warm oil, to relaxing music or in silence and takes about 75 minutes.

The primary purpose of tactile stimulation is that by touch release prosperous hormone oxytocin, which has a number of positive effects on health. Touch is essential for the neural organization in the body. When the skin affected increases activity in the part of the brain that transmit sensations to other parts of the brain. The effects of contact and increased ocytocin in the bloodstream are many;

  • creates peace and quietness in depth
  • strengthens the immune system
  • relieves pain
  • enhance pain threshold
  • accelerates healing of wounds
  • increasing curiosity
  • increases the possibility of communication / larger social skills
  • more efficient learning
  • improves memory
  • lower blood pressure
  • improves digestion
  • increase the joy of life

Touch is the most effective way to lower the level of cortisol and thus the stress in your body!

Another important task that touch provide is to ensure that the body image is good, so you know where each body part starts and ends and how it can be used. Is the body image good, we have a clear body language and communication becomes clearer. With increased body image initiative will increases and also the self-confidence. With bodytouch also the emotional ties between individuals will be strengthened.